1. 1991

    Johnny meets John Baudhuin, an avid cyclist, CPA and MBA, and the two team up to refine the design and make the first run of Spinner bikes.

  2. 1992

    Johnny G and John Baudhuin begin manufacturing and commercial distribution of the Spinner bike and the Spinning program.

  3. 1993

    The Spinning program is officially offered at Crunch gyms in New York.

  4. 1994

    Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. (MDA) is incorporated on April 14, 1994. MDA registers and trademarks the Spinning name.

  5. Spinning is named the "hot exercise" in Rolling Stone magazine's annual "hot list."

  6. Mad Dogg Athletics develop the Spinning Instructor Certification Program.



    With demand for the Spinning program surpassing Mad Dogg's capacity for building bikes, the company licenses the manufacturing to Schwinn.


    The Johnny G Spinner is introduced at IHRSA Convention.


    John Baudhuin travels to Italy, Switzerland and France to conduct the first European Instructor Orientations.


    The first Spinning-branded clothing hits the market.



    More than 1,000 facilities in over 30 countries are Official Spinning Centers.



    MDA launches the first Spinning continuing education workshops.

  13. 1999

    The first World Spinning and Sports Conference (WSSC) takes place in Los Angeles, California.

  14. 2000

    WSSC takes place in Chicago, Illinois.

  15. 2001

    The first Spinning Experience event takes place in the Netherlands.


    Schwinn files for bankruptcy and is acquired by Direct Focus, the makers of Bowflex® home equipment.


    WSSC moves to Miami, Florida, where it is currently held every year.

  18. 2002

    The Spinner® Pro™ and the Spinner® Elite™ are introduced.



    Mad Dogg Athletics trains its 100,000th instructor.

  20. 2004

    Mad Dogg Athletics introduces the Spinner® NXT™, the world's first aluminum stationary bike, at the Club Industry show in Chicago.


    The Mad Dogg Athletics Europe office opens in the Netherlands.


    Johnny G retires from MDA and Spinning.

  23. 2005

    MDA begins producing videos and selling its line of Spinner bikes to the home market.


    John Baudhuin acquires Johnny's 50% of Mad Dogg Athletics.



    John Baudhuin receives The Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Award for his work in creating the Spinning® program.

  26. The first nationwide Spinning-sponsored charity event, Spinning Nation takes place at facilities throughout the United States.

  27. Mad Dogg Athletics acquires Resist-A-Ball®, the most respected brand in the stability ball category.

  28. The eSpinner® is introduced. The eSpinner creates an interactive environment, which allows users to take a guided, virtual Spinning class from a Master Instructor.

  29. 2009

    Mad Dogg Athletics acquires Peak Pilates®. Peak Pilates has created an industry leading line of classical Pilates equipment and unparalleled education programs.

  30. Mad Dogg Athletics introduces their new logo.

  31. 2010

    Batavus Settles with Mad Dogg Athletics and Acknowledges Mad Doggs® Exclusive Rights to the SPINNING® trademark.
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  32. Mad Dogg Athletics acquires ownership interest in Root Manufacturing.

  33. 2011

    Mad Dogg Athletics launches new custom website and education platform.

  34. The Spinner® Blade and new Spinner NXT are introduced at IHRSA.

  35. Spinning® introduces new line of consumer Spinner bikes, including the Spinner Aero, Spinner Edge and Spinner Sprint.

  36. Peak Pilates launches the first-ever studio equipment line in eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo.

  37. Peak Pilates launches the fit™ reformer.

  38. 2012

    European Court of Appeal affirms distinctiveness of SPINNING® trademark for indoor cycling.
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  39. Spinning launches new Spinning app for the iPhone and Android and the Spinning Tracker website.

  40. Spinning infomercial released featuring the new Spinner® Pace.

  41. Mad Dogg Athletics announces strategic alliance with CrossCore®, a manufacturer of advanced Rotational Bodyweight Training® products and accessories. Its one-of-a kind patented pulley system adds rotational movements to continuously engage the core and the entire body to create highly effective training techniques.

  42. Spinning launches revolutionary TRIO and TRIO QR Pedals.

  43. Mad Dogg Athletics partners with MINDBODY® for the first annual MINDBODY FitPro event in Los Angeles, CA.

  44. 2013

    Mad Dogg Athletics acquires Ugi®. Ugi is the ultimate 30-minute workout that combines strength, cardio and core training into the most fun, challenging, stylish way of becoming functionally fit.

  45. The Spinner® Blade ION™ and the Spinpower® Program are introduced at IHRSA. With the launch of Star Trac's strain-gauge power meter technology, backed with an inclusive power-based training program from Angie Sturtevant, Mad Dogg Athletics unleashes the power of innovation and knowledge with the Spinner® Blade ION and the power-based Spinning® training course for certified Spinning instructors.

  46. 2014

    Mad Dogg Athletics acquires CrossCore®., a manufacturer of advanced Rotational Bodyweight Training® products. CrossCore's one-of-a kind patented pulley system adds rotational movements to continuously engage the core and the entire body.

  47. 2015

    Precor® and Spinning join forces and launch a brand new line of Spinner bikes globally.

  48. 2016

    Spinning® and Precor® launch a new line of commercial Spinner® bikes globally.